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Construction of a Datacentre

Datacentre Design

Reid Brewin Architects - expertise in DatacentresDatacentre design image

Specific Design and Technical Requirements of a Datacentre

datacentre is a place for storing various types of electronic equipment, mainly the storage of computer servers and telecommunications equipment. As the name indicates they are designed to deal with all of the data storage and computer facilities that a company needs. 


Databases are often critical to the function of a company, and so the company will be understandably very sensitive about protecting their data. For this reason these centres maintain a high level of security and service with the goal of ensuring that the computer servers inside continue to function under any circumstances. 


A datacentre can be comprised of any size of space, from one room or floor to a whole building and maybe even a number of connected buildings. Servers are stored in racks that are arranged in rows, allowing the specialist personnel to circulate easily around the machines. Some of the equipment, for example the central computers, can be the same size as these racks and are therefore are placed at the side. The walkways between the machines can be alternately hot (behind) or cold (in front) which facilitates the air conditioning system. This system is known as cold aisle - hot aisle cooling.

Global Switch, ParisEntrance to Global Switch Datacentre at Clichy.

Reid Brewin Architects & Datacentre Construction

With today's demands for specialist datacentres, Reid Brewin Architects occupy a privileged place which permits us to confront the typical problems associated with the development of this type of building - problems which define the specification and the architectural conception. The biggest of these problems is the arrangement of sufficient air conditioning which is essential to guarantee the internal environment. Servers generate a lot of heat and become defective when the temperature goes above a certain limit. The consumption of electricity is also a difficult problem which has to be resolved carefully in conjunction with our sustainable approach to design. 

Our bilingual team of architects, based in Paris, work with you throughout your datacentre construction projects (including modular datacentres) to ensure that you benefit from our experience in design, choice of materials and construction methods, expertise in building permit proceedures and management of on site works.  

Datacentre Projects

Global Switch - 13,767m² Datacentre extension in Clichy, near Paris. 
Click here for the press releases for Global Switch, Clichy.

Pantin Datacentre - 11,400m² Datacentre renovation in Pantin, north of Paris.
Click here for the promotional video of Pantin Datacentre.
Pantin Datacentre, north of ParisNocturnal view of datacentre at Pantin.

Sustainable design

Sustainable design : RB-Architects specialists in designing buildings with the environment

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