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Datacentre Park Development at Val d'Europe

Three datacentres for Bailly Romainvilliers, Val d'Europe

Promotional video for Datacentre Data Park at Val d'Europe

This project is for a new Data Park development, consisting of three datacentres and an electrical substation. It will be situated at Val d'Europe (near Eurodisney) to the East of Paris, built within an existing business park, which began in 1999. The area now has the necessary infrastructure in place and the buildings will be set amongst an integrated landscaping scheme, in compliance with the local authority's requirements.
Datacentre Data Park at Val d'EuropePerspective view of the Datcentre Park to the east of Paris
Datacentre Data Park at Val d'EuropeThe Data Park will be the biggest datacentre facility in Europe


Each building, with a total area of approximately 20,000m², is designed to contain two floors of computer servers consisting of 1200m² of offices and 8,000m² of server rooms on each floor. 


The technical plant rooms will be set around the outside of the data rooms and will house all the necessary and latest equipment for the servers to function effectively and efficiently. Under french building regulations, datacenter buildings are categorised as "not open to the public" which affects the terms of the rules and permit applications that apply to them.

Integration of the buildings into their surroundings

Datacentre Data Park at Val d'EuropeDetailed study of the elevations
Once the overall scheme is established in terms of the functions and volumes of the buildings, particular care is then given to the design of the elevations with respect to integrating these buildings into the surrounding environment.

Different materials are used to reference the different functions within the building; the central part is the data room suites, the technical equipment areas are located around the perimetre of the central block and the office spaces complete the front entrance facade.


The surrounding landscape has been set out to reinforce and favour certain perspectives within the project. This primarily helps to bring a sense of scale to the buildings in their context and to promote the harmony of the project in its immediate environment. Secondly the landscape design aims to reduce the visual impact of technological developments located on the roof.

Environmental concerns

With regards to the building's environmental rating, we are committed to develop the project with a key objective to reduce the environmental impact of the buildings, during both its construction and its future operation, particularly in terms of its energy use. As yet there is not a specific environmental rating system for datacenters in France but at Reid Brewin Architects we are commited to our environmental responsibility and the sustainability of our projects in the long term.

The permit application was submitted in November 2009 and approved in December of the same year.       
Datacentre Data Park at Val d'EuropeView of Val d'Europe Datacenter

Sustainable design

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