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Reid Brewin Architects and Architecture Sans Frontières (ASF)-International

September 2015 at our Architectural Practice

ASF-International in NepalDespite the earthquakes, ASF-International held their annual General Meeting in Nepal

Reid Brewin Architects et Architecture Sans Frontières International in Nepal

ASF-International in NepalBuildings ready to collapse
Architecture Sans Frontières-International (Architects Without Borders) is a non-profit organisation relying on the voluntary work of its dedicated members and partners throughout the world. Every year their General Assembly and Open Forum bring people together to exchange and share information about the various projects being carried out, in respect to the Hasselt charter.

Thanks to the involvement of ASF Nepal, the ASF International Forum and General Assembly 2015, was able to take place as originally planned in Kathmandu, Nepal, from the 15th to 20th June 2015, despite the catastrophic events that occurred in April and May, just a few weeks earlier.   Organised over five days, the purpose of this event was to enable participants to better understand the situation of the city after the earthquakes and to learn about the challenges facing the region. It also provided an opportunity to take stock of projects being carried out by ISF-Nepal and other organisations. In particular, the programme incorporated disaster management contributions, including case studies and sharing of best practices, as well as presentations by invited speakers, regional experts and presentations by ASF-International members.    
ASF-International in NepalTemporary shelters throughout the city of Katmandu
One of our own team at Reid Brewin Architects, as a member of the organisation, was able to participate in this Forum and the Architecture Sans Frontières-International General Assembly Meeting. It was in this capacity that their group were able to visit sites in areas particularly affected by the disaster, such as the Kathmandu Valley and UNESCO World Heritage cities such as Bhaktapur and Patan.

As we can imagine, these cities have been hard hit and the site visits highlighted desolate landscapes, a succession of temporary shelters, schools and hospitals, but also many buildings in semi-ruin and rubble ready to collapse. According to the local authorities, there are 500,000 buildings affected and nearly 250,000 partially affected. The authorities are trying to help families and ensure they do not rebuild before the monsoon arrives, which could lead to much more damage later on.    
ASF-International in NepalPiles of rubble show extent of destruction
For our colleague, this event was an amazing learning experience, a ‘think tank' of discussion and problem solving, allowing each contributor to understand mistakes of the past with regard to building techniques and hopefully for those errors not to be repeated in order to build more safely in the future.

She was also impressed by the spirit of the local people who remain optimistic and who, in the face of very difficult circumstances, kept their smiles and their warm welcome. 
"The Nepalese people are curious, show real open-mindedness and have an incredible generosity."    
To find out more about the work of the ASF-International in Nepal, click on the link below:
Blog de l'ASF-International au Népal.    

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