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Client satisfaction

How to achieve satisfaction for the client?

Lloyd Register Quality Assurance

At Reid Brewin Architects we feel it is important to focus on client satisfaction and on the continual improvement of our architectural services. With this in mind, we have put in place the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.


These actions are based on clear definition of both our and the client's objectives, adhering to the working procedures and the correct tools that are in place, involvement of the team and other collaborators in discussions on system improvements, in order to be continually assessing our performance and evolving the process where necessary.

Our four key themes for the client

Client satisfaction

  • The improvement in overall customer satisfaction, as we can appreciate with systematic surveys at the end of construction

Cost control

  • Compliance with estimates: we measure the number of times the project cost does not match the planned costs (including any permitted tolerance in the contract), both at tender stage and the end of the construction.

Controlling schedules

  • Meeting deadlines: respecting the anticipated programme

Minimising the snagging

  • Practical completion certificates with a minimum number of defects, and corrected in the timescale

We will set annual quantitative targets for improvement on these four points: in particular by progressively highlighting all malfunctions and providing as many opportunities for improvement as possible. Our management system is a simple and effective expression of these guidelines through the establishment of objectives, indicators that measure the effectiveness of our services

Alex Reid & Adrian Brewin

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