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The Client's Role and Requirements

CDV - construction parc d'entreprisesConstruction d'un Centre de Vie à Wissous

This list highlights some of the requirements for clients wishing to construct a building project:

  • Obtain compulsory insurance for the works during construction and post practical completion. (dommages ouvrages et tout risqué chantier)
  • Provide proof of ownership of the land and sign a contract with an architect
  • Provide a ‘certificat d’Urbanisme’ showing that the land is developable
  • To submit a planning application a survey of the site or building will be required including boundary location, levels, access, setting out and location of services.
  • For new buildings or extensions you will need a ground survey, particularly if a septic tank is required.
  • Send the architect any correspondence received from the local authority with regards to the permit application (e.g. incomplete applications)
  • Send a copy of the building permit approval to the architect
  • Display the approval sign for the construction permit on the site and get a bailiff to record the dates
  • Send the declaration of the start of construction works to the local authority, keep a copy and send a copy to the architect
  • Take a note of the water meter, electrical meter before the start of the building works
  • Don't start the works without finance in place, agreement from the bank and any loans signed
  • Any modifications requested that different from the permit application will need a further permit application before carrying out the works.  This is often an additional service that the architect can provide
  • Understand the contractual documents and respect the delay for payments and the rights and obligations of each party.  This will help with the smooth progress of the site works.
  • Don't give any direct orders to the contractor if you have an architect.  Each decision should be recorded in the site meeting minutes and formalised by a modification to the contract.
  • If there are significant electrical works request and settle the EDF electricity bill 3 months before the end of the works and send the Electrical conformity certificate to EDF.
  • If applicable send GDF (gas supplier) the certificate for the boiler
  • Understand the implications of Practical completion  (See Practical completion)
  • Listen to the comments and suggestions of the architect, particularly with respect to maintenance that needs to be carried out regularly. 
  • Send the Completion of works form to the local authority within 30 days of practical completion  • Send, when applicable, the H1 declaration to the local tax office within 90 days of practical completion.
  • Insure the building straight after practical completion.

if you have any questions regarding these points please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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