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Our Practice in Figures

The cost of an architect

Fees are negotiated between the architect and the client, but they depend principally on the following three factors:

  • The size of the project.

  • Its complexity.

  • The type of work that the architect is required to do.

Fees are also subject to the type of "Ordre des Architectes" contract that is used and can be calculated either as:

  • A lump sum.

  • A percentage of the total cost of the works, not including tax.

  • On a time-spent basis, where the architect will typically be paid for the number of hours they spend on the project.

RB-Architects has been asked to work in many different ways. Each time we do our best to find a solution which best suits our client. In general, to write a fee proposal we study the combination of the total cost (without tax) of the works alongside a resource schedule. 

The cost of the works is particularly important in the early stages whilst discussing the budget with the client (which is neither an estimate nor a quote) as well as to help us calculate the cost of our obligatory professional insurance. 

Resource schedules allow us to look at our future needs and ensure that we are well equipped to respond to those of our clients. For us it is essential that every employee records their working hours on timesheets indicating their time spent on different projects.     

Other useful reference numbers:

Air Park, Construction bâtiment neuf de bureauxConstruction bâtiment neuf de bureau
  • Code APE / NAF 7111Z

  • T.V.A. FR80 492 266 325

  • R.C.S. Paris 492 266 325

  • N° SIRET : 492 266 325 00025

  • Ordre des Archiectes : S11205

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