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Scope of works for a fire safety systems coordinator (SSI)

Sécurité incendie_2Feu dans la rue devant l'agence Reid Brewin Architectes

The Fire Safety Officer coordinates the fire safety strategy throughout the project. This task is made up of three phases:

Phase 1 : Conception

Sécurité incendieDevant l'agence Reid Brewin Architectes

In accordance with french regulations (la norme NFS 61-931), the fire safety officer must analyse the security requirements and then establish

  • The "SAFETY PLAN": this document describes the general principles of safety to be put implemented, taking into account the specifics of the project, the demands of the architect and the building regulations.
  • The "FIRE SAFETY WORKING SPECIFICATIONS" : this document should include the following information - the fire safety grade, the mechanisms of security and their conditions of installation, the nature of the relationships between the different services, the technical handover proceedure of the fire safety system).

During the conception phase the Fire Safety Officer -

  • attends the technical clarification meetings with the architect to ensure a coherence between the codes of practice of the project, the recommendations given by the various authorities and the advice put forward by Building Control.
  • analyses all the project information and then submits his report accordingly.

Phase 2 : Construction

The Fire Safety Officer is involved throughout the whole construction process of the project in order to :

  • ensure clarification with the contractors concerned, focus on the technical details and issues arising with regards to the fire safety and its implementation on the project and to advise on the treatment and consolidation of the numerous building materials on site.
  • organise and oversee the fire safety coordination meetings, to which all parties concerned with fire safety must attend.
  • He exams carefully all the working drawings from each of the contractors and collates together the practical test reports and the relevant certificates showing the compliance of the materials used by the contractors.

The fire safety officer submits his advice and the minutes of these meetings to the client, with a copy also sent to the architect and project management team.

Phase 3 : Handover

In accordance with french regulations (la norme NFS 61-932) the Fire Safety Officer organises the technical acceptance (or handover) of the fire safety system. For this :

  • he collates the self-checking test reports carried out by the contractors/subcontractors throughout the works and validates their content.
  • he organises the site visit for the technical handover of the fire safety system, ensuring the necessary representatives of the client, the building's future occupant (if possible), the architect and the contractor(s) are present.
  • he manages this visit of the technical handover and compiles the minutes of the meeting.
  • he writes a fire system safety report including updated material complied during the works

The Fire Safety Officer attends when the Fire Safety Commission visit to approve the works and presents his report to explain the design of the technical systems.

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